Minor’s Intestine Ruptured, Private Parts Injured during noisy fight in UP’s Barabanki; Defendant Held


In a shocking incident in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, a minor was arrested for tearing his intestines during a fight and injuring the private parts of another minor. The defendant allegedly assaulted the minor, injured the 12-year-old boy’s private parts and broke his intestines while inflating him with a pressure gun. After the victim’s father filed a written complaint and arrested the defendant, a lawsuit was filed against the defendant. The incident reportedly occurred in a factory located in the Kursi Road industrial zone, Barabanki district, where the victim used to work. The 13-year-old defendant is from Raebareli and also worked in the same factory. The two minors had a dispute over some issues. After that, the 13-year-old boy used a pressure gun to fill the victim’s private parts with air.