US President to send additional forces to help US troops exist Afganistan

U.S. President Joe Biden said on Saturday that he would send additional troops to Afghanistan to ensure the “orderly and safe withdrawal” of U.S. and allied troops and sought to deflect mounting criticism of his exit decision by saying he was hamstrung by his predecessor President Donald Trump’s decisions and actions, such as the pace deal with the Taliban.

His predecessor, Donald Trump,Just like the rhythm agreement with the Taliban. Biden said that he has authorized the deployment of 5,000 soldiers, which is actually an increase of 1,000 soldiers on the basis of the previously announced more than 3,000 soldiers and the 1,000 soldiers already deployed in Afghanistan. The troops will be stationed in Kabul. The US President also stated that he has instructed the US military and intelligence agencies to “maintain capability and vigilance” to deal with terrorist threats originating in Afghanistan, and supports Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and others to end the bloodshed and seek a political solution.