US flies F-16s over Kabul as Taliban renegades on Afghan peace

The U.S. flew F16 jets over Kabul because the Taliban violated peace in Afghanistan Kabul: As the Taliban became dishonest in ensuring peace to the United States, the Qatar-based Central Command stepped up air combat patrols in Kabul, using F16 fighter jets and bombing eastern and southern Afghanistan to stop targets. The Pashtuns of the Sunni Islamic army seized political power. The U.S. Air Force Central Command is using heavy B52 bombers and AC10 ghost gunboats to attack Taliban positions in Pashtun strongholds in southern and eastern Afghanistan. U.S. aircraft also bombed Jozan\u2019s Shebergerham and Lashkar Gah in Helmand Province. The US military is scheduled to leave Afghanistan on August 31.