Unemployment rate among youth in Kerala touches 43 pc after Covid outbreak

Thiruvananthapuram: Unemployment among the youth in Kerala multiplied after Covid outbreak, according to a survey. The unemployment rate among the youth aged between 15-29 years was 36.3 percent during October-December in 2019 before the Covid times. But the rate touched 43 percent in 2020 during the same period.

Kerala was in the top spot among the states in the country when it comes to unemployment of youth before Covid with 36.3 percent. But after Covid, Jammu and Kashmir tops with 43.9 percent.

The details of unemployment rate came to light in the periodic labour force survey (PLFS) conducted by National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) during October-December in 2020. The survey is organized every three months to evaluate the unemployment in urban areas.

The young women aged between 15-29 years are the group that experience unemployment. When 55.7 percent in this category are unemployed only 37.1 percent young men remain jobless. Educated youth who are ready to work but remained jobless were considered for the survey.

The unemployment rate in urban areas of Kerala touched 16.7 percent during October-December in 2020 in all age groups. Though the rate jumped to 27.3 percent during the first phase of Covid, it declined lately. Jammu and Kashmir is in the top spot with 17.8 when all age groups are considered together. Gujarat has the lowest unemployment rate with only 4 percent.