Supreme court criticise police and cbi: Judges under threat, CBI, IB & cops doing nothing: Supreme Court

New Delhi:
The Supreme Court said on Friday that trial court judges, especially those handling cases involving gangs and celebrities, are the most vulnerable to external threats and feel that the IWC, the Intelligence Office and the Police are not doing anything to respond to threats. A supportive environment allows judges to deliver justice without fear or favor. Chief Justice NV Ramana and Judge Surya Kant said: “In criminal cases involving gangs and celebrities, when the defendants did not get the expected order from the court, they began to defame the judiciary. Unfortunately, this is it. a new trend. Development in this country has created a situation in which judges cannot file complaints freely, even if the judge files a complaint with the magistrate, the HC or the superior judge of the CJI, and forwards the complaint to the police or the CBI, they do not respond. They don’t think this is a priority issue. “