Rahul Gandhi accuses Twitter of tampering with blocked Congress accounts

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused Twitter of cattacking Indian democracy after blocking the accounts of the party\u2019s top leaders, including himself. After they posted on Twitter a photo of the parents of a 9-year-old boy who was allegedly raped and murdered in the capital Delhi, the account was closed. The Congress Party accused Twitter of acting on the orders of the ruling party. But Twitter stated that the photo violated its privacy rules “applied prudently and fairly.” Gandhi, who has nearly 20 million followers, said in a video on Friday that Twitters closure of his account was disrupting India\u2019s political process. “It’s not, you know, just turn off Rahul Gandhi. I have 1.92 billion fans. You deprived them of their right to express their opinions. This is what you are doing,” he said. A picture of Gandhi with the parents of a nine-year-old Dalit girl who was allegedly raped and murdered by a Hindu priest and his accomplices in the capital Delhi. On August 4, when she was When visiting the girls family, she claimed that her attacker tried to forcibly burn her without her permission. This incident sparked protests and anger in the country. After being asked by the Indian Children’s Rights Agency to remove the photo from its platform, Twitter removed Mr. Gandhi’s post, noting that he had revealed the identities of rape victims prohibited by Indian law.