Prices of hijab, turban increased in Afghanistan with Taliban’s return

Kabul: Shopkeepers in Kabul say the prices and sales of turban and hijab have increased with the Taliban’s return to Afghanistan. Just a week ago, the Taliban were able to take control of Kabul after capturing other provinces of the country. The Taliban have so far said nothing about wearing turban and hijab, but some people wear them traditionally, Afghan media reported.

According to Afghan sources, sales of hijabs have increased in recent days. “In the past, I could sell four or five hijabs a day, but now I can sell 15 to 17 hijabs when the Taliban returns,” he said.Another trader, Niamatullah, also said that the price of hijabs has risen. He said that the hijab was sold to 1,000 Afghans, but now it is sold to 1,200 Afghans.