NIA decodes social media platforms of terrorist organization

New Delhi: With the increasing use of social media platforms by terrorist organizations to radicalise youths, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) following continuous investigation was able to decode different layers of such platforms. Accordingly, the anti-terror agency has also started keeping a close watch on activities in social media.

A senior NIA official told ETV Bharat that the terrorists especially the radical Islamic fundamentalists start making friends with gullible youths through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. “Once they (the terrorist organization) find someone attracted towards their thinking and approach, members of radical organisation start interacting with them through direct message,” the NIA official said.

Once the person is convinced, he is being asked to get himself involved in their activities. “After radicalising the youths, they are being communicated through encrypted platforms,” the NIA official said. And here lies the challenge for the security agencies. “Many of the times it is very difficult to crack the encrypted communication,” the official said.