Nearest Neighbor: Pakistan issued a statement on India 2019s coldness at the UN Security Council meeting on Afghanistan

The Office of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan said that the request would submit the country’s point of view on the Afghanistan peace process, however, the platform said: “Available to allow a false history novel to Pakistan.” The Foreign Office of Pakistan has issued a statement that the Conference of the US National Security Council was not invited to the status of Afghanistan, despite the nearest neighbor of the country of ConflictRid. Under President India, the 15th Association of Students held a conference on the situation of Afghanistan on Sunday, where India was digested to provide safe shelters in Pakistan. “The peace of Afghanistan, the safe shelters and the flashes in this area should be disarmed soon, and the terrorist supply chain must be interrupted. The neighborhood of Afghanistan and its region are threatened by terrorism, separation and extreme principles You need to ensure that it is not. I told the UN TS Tirumurti