MVD sends letter to RTOs of 3 states seeking more info on Monson’s cars

Kochi: The Motor Vehicle Department on Tuesday sent official letters to RTOs of Maharasthra, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana to collect more information about the luxury vehicles owned by Monson Mavungal. The decision was taken after inspection by MVD revealed that many luxury vehicles owned by Monson were registered outside Kerala.

The officials also believe that the documents used by Monson were forged and were not authentic. The RTO officials stated that further actions would be taken once they receive response from other states. The MVD has recently revealed that the vehicles owned by Monson Mavungal are old and after being left unused, are not fit for roads. It was also identfied that the registration of eight of his cars was done outside Kerala.

Initially, the family was unwilling to hand over the car keys to the officials. Many of the so-called luxury cars in his possession failed to start and eight cars were unusable. Monson used ‘luxury cars’ as a cover to facilitate his elaborate plan to entrap people who paid him money. Monson let people who borrowed money use these cars to earn their trust.