Mumbai resumes local train services for those fully vaccinated against Corona

Mumbai will restart commuter train services for fully vaccinated residents from Sunday. This move can solve the traffic congestion problem that has occurred with the decline in Covid19 cases, but it may also spread the virus through the financial center of India. Since March 2020, services have ceased, making it the longest downtime of the railway system, which survived floods, bomb explosions and power outages, only to be suspended for a day or two. Although they have gradually reopened for basic workers, only 1.6 million people use the central line every day, for example, before the virus arrived, about a quarter of the passengers carried.The authorities are worried about the infection, because the three railway lines in Mumbai carry more than 8 million passengers a day, the trucks are very crowded, and people who are late are hanging on the door. Trains are the main artery of the city; they ran from the bustling suburbs to the glass and concrete financial districts of the city center, then passed through colonial-era piers funded by the opium trade, and finally reached the old neighborhood where the stock exchange and central bank are located.