Mumbai Local Trains Open From August 15 To Fully Vaccinated People

Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced on Sunday that Mumbai ‘s suburban trunk railway network will be open to fully vaccinated people from August 15. It will be open 14 days after the second vaccination, which will relax further restrictions on COVID19, but people are kindly requested not to loosen vigilance. Thackeray said in a televised address to the state: “We are now providing some relaxation measures, but if the number of cases increases, we will have to take blocking measures again. Therefore, I ask you not to start a new wave of epidemics.” “The local train in Mumbai will start serving people who have been vaccinated with these two vaccines from August 15. We will launch an app where people can update whether they have taken two doses and when they have taken the second dose. People can get the pass from the app or the office,” he said.