Lara Dutta dons the role of Indira Gandhi in her latest flick Bellbottom

In Akshay Kumar’s latest film Bellbottom, Lara Dutta portrays the role of the former Indian prime minister Mrs Indira Gandhi. In a recent interview, she shared the experience of donning the role as well as the reactions of her family members and the members of the set.
She said that her daughter was so amazed by the transformation but she was so worried when the prosthetics were placed on Lara’s body and her husband was seems so unsettled after witnessed her transformation.
She further added that Akshay Kumar was staring at her after she sat next to him in Mrs Gandhi’s attire. In the interview, she never forgets to compliment the team behind her makeover.
She noted that portraying the role of Mrs Gandhi, was once in a lifetime achievement. She had done a lot of researches before turning to Indira Gandhi. She got a lot of information from her father as he serves as a personal pilot of Indira Gandhi while working in Air Force.
The movie Bellbottom is all set to release on August 19 in a 3D version.