Lara Dutta: Akshay kumar is like a family member,we can easily workout the chemistry on the sets

Lara Dutta played the role of the late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in “Bell Bottom” with her unrecognizable transformation that left everyone speechless by surprise . The actress plays one of the protagonists of a spy thriller based on a real kidnapping incident in 1984. Lara Dutta spoke candidly about her exciting makeover and the way her daughter Saira treated her. And his reunion with Akshay Kumar and so on. To be honest, the biggest compliment to me comes from my father said by Lara Dutta.Because he was Ms. Gandhi2019s personal pilot when he was in the Air Force. This is someone who knows her. If I can convince you, I think this is an excellent job for me. He only saw me when the trailer was released, and was very happy to see his reaction.