Kerala reports a total of 51.51%covid cases last week says the health ministry

While briefing weekly covid cases in India, the health ministry says that the total cases reported from Kerala have reached up to 51.51%. Health ministry spokesperson Lav Agarwal further says that, the districts in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Himachal showing an increasing trend in daily new cases during the last two weeks. When it comes to the overall part of the country, 37 districts are showing the same trend. Currently, Kerala and Maharastra have a large number of active cases.
The Director of NCDC says that only 86 cases in all over the country reports delta variants which show that it won’t give an upsurge like before.
Dr V.K.Paul says that the R-value of the country is one or more and particular concern should be given to Kerala. NEGVAC has discussed giving booster dose of covid vaccine and no state reports the death because of oxygen shortage, he further added.