Kareena Kapoor Khan confirms that her newborn baby is named Jeh to Karan Johar

Yesterday, it was reported that Karina Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan named their son Jehangir. It caused a great sensation on social media. People started dragging the couple down the middle. Now confirm again that your baby’s name is Jie. The actress recently published a book about her pregnancy and motherhood experience. She and her best friend Karan Johar (Karan Johar) had a live chat on the matter. In the video, she mentioned that her young son’s name is Jeh. This should end all speculation. Jeh means “bring, come” in Persian. This is a very popular name Parsi. Karan Johar asked him twice if he could use the boy’s name in the chat. She said yes, he was fine, so they called him haha. The little guy was born in Mumbai in February. When the couple named their son Taimur, people were fascinated by the couple. As we all know, he is a savage intruder. When rumors surfaced that he was known as the famous Mughal King Jehangir, a couple again faced stupid hatred on social media.