India evacuates second batch of diplomats, officials from Afghanistan

After more than 24 hours of negotiations, India successfully evacuated the second batch of diplomats and officials from Kabul using the C17 heavy cargo aircraft of the Indian Air Force. With the help of the US military in charge of air traffic control, the Indian Air Force aircraft took off from Hamid Karzai Airport at about 8 am Kabul time.

Rudrundra Tanden, the Indian ambassador to Afghanistan, boarded the plane with 120 other diplomats and officials. Although the Modi government did not talk about all operations, the C17 of all evacuees will cross Indian airspace at around 11 am. (IST) and will land in Jamnagar. The IAF jet, carrying nearly 800 passengers, is expected to arrive in Delhi around 1 pm. India is now waiting for the US military to allow civilian flights to Kabul for further evacuation. The first Indians arrived on Sunday on an Air India flight.