In Seven Minutes, Bengaluru BJP MLA’s Cars Set on Fire

Late on Wednesday and Thursday, two cars parked outside the residence of BJP MLA Sathish Reddy were set on fire by unidentified criminals. The incident occurred in his Bommanahalli constituency in Bangalore. “The incident happened around 1 am. We are investigating the man behind this incident,” said Sreenath Joshi of the DCP in southeast Bangalore. CCTV footage showed that the criminal entered at 1:30 am and set fire to a Fortuner and a Thar. “Two people entered the house and it was done in seven minutes. The two escaped through the back door. There was a CCTV camera in the back door, but the face inside was not clear. The police and guards were at the front door. We already knew that there were two people. Came by bike. The police have launched an investigation, “Sathish Reddy told the media.