“I’m wrecked by the guilt of staying alive, and now I have to live forever with this. I wish I had not survived. But that doesn’t mean I’m accepting everything that is said about me on social media”: Yashika Anand

The big boss star and actor Yashika Anand, in the recent interview, reacted to the accident she has recently been involved in and clears all the rumours circling the social media. She had lost her friend Pavani in the accident. Apart from Yashika and Pavani, there are two more friends present in the car at the of the incident.
She says that that was a clear misfortunate incident and she has taken all the responsibilities. “On June 24, we four drive to a resort ECR to have dinner. We left the place around 11 and we’re returning to the city. Unfortunately, I drove the car and the road seems to be so dark and I accidentally hit the divider. Then our car flips three times. Pavani was in the codriver seat and hadn’t put on her seatbelt. And also the window was open. So when the crash happens she falls outside hitting her head” She explains the incident in an interview.
She also took full responsibility for the accident and feels guilty about it. But at the same time, she slams the rumours like drunk and drive, circulating the social media. She even says that the video going around in the forum was fake. She even requests to stop trolling Pavani and her family.
After the accident, the former big boss and zombie star, is in the state of recovery.