High Court has stayed adherence to two clauses of IT Rules


The Mumbai High Court has shelved government regulations on new information technology rules for news publishers, which address ethical standards, saying that these requirements violate freedom of expression. This rule has been challenged by news editors in various courts around the country. According to news organization PTI, the Superior Court on Saturday retained Articles 9 (1) and 9 (3) of the 2021 Information Technology Regulations regarding digital media related to compliance with ethical standards. The High Court stated that it found that these clauses “on the surface” (on the surface) violated the petitioner’s constitutional rights to freedom of expression under Article 19.

He said that the provisions of Article 9 are also beyond the scope of the substantive law (Information Technology Act of 2000). The order is the result of a petition filed by the legal news portal The Leaflet and journalist Nikhil Wagle, who questioned the various provisions of the new TI rules, claiming that these provisions are ambiguous and may have a “chilling effect on citizens’ rights.” “Free speech guaranteed by the Constitution. .