Google employees who opt to work from home have to face a salary cut

New York:
According to the recent calculation of Reuters, a Google employer had to face a pay cut if he opts for work from home completely. According to them, the pay cut is based on the location they are coming from.
The spokesperson from Google said that the pay package depends on the location they are coming from. Thus the employer chooses to go to the office even if he wants to opt for work from home to get full payment.
One of the employers of Google said that according to the company’s work location tool launched in June, he had to face about 10% of the pay cut after he chose to work from home fully.
According to Reuters, the employers living in stamford, and Connecticut had to face a 15% pay cut if they chose to work from home. While the employers coming from Seattle, San Francisco and Boston areas had only 5-10% of the pay cut. But the colleague working in New York City have no pay cut even if he opts for working from home.
At the same time, a spokesperson from Google said that they won’t reduce any payment because he opts for work remotely permanently. They would pay as same as the person working in the office. But they keep silence in the issue of commuters coming from the areas such as stamford, Connecticut.