Finance Minister says technical glitches in IT-portal to be sorted out soon

New Delhi; Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Monday that the technical glitch in the new income tax filing portal will basically be fixed in the next few days, and has been constantly reminding Infosys on this issue. I’ve been reminding Infosys (the vendor developing the new portal) and (Infosys CEO) Nandan Nilekani has been messaging me to make sure they will resolve most of the issues in the next few days, “she said.

She said that by far the system is much better than in June, but there are still some problems. She said that the Finance Ministry monitors this every week, adding that these flaws will basically be fixed in the coming weeks.

The new income tax filing portal “” has not started smoothly since its launch on June 7 because it continues to face technical failures.

Infosys was awarded a contract to develop a next-generation income tax filing system in 2019 to reduce filing processing time from 63 days to one day and speed up refunds. So far, the government has paid Infosys Rs 16,450 crore for the development of the portal between January 2019 and June 2021.