centre removed, maharastra announced: Maharashtra government announces Rajiv Gandhi award for IT sector

The Maharashtra government announced Tuesday that it will award the Rajiv Gandhi award to the IT department. After Prime Minister Narendra Modid Center was renamed the Rajiv Gandhi Kel Ratner Award, the Maharashtra government announced on Tuesday that the former Prime Minister had taken on the role of information and technology (new The award requires his outstanding performance in the information technology field). The award will be given to companies and institutions that have performed well in the field of information technology. The Minister of State for Information and Technology, Satej Patil, said that the award will be presented on August 20, the anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi’s birthday. “The award will be given to organizations that excel in the field of information technology each year. Patil said this will be a lasting tribute to Rajiv Ji’s pioneering work in the country’s technology sector. On Friday, the center removed Rajiv Gandhis name from the Khel Ratna Awards and changed its name to Indias highest sports honor in honor of the legendary hockey player Major Dhyan Chand. Congress criticized this move, calling it political retaliation. However, Patil stated that this decision has “nothing to do with the controversy over the name change of the Kyle Ratner Award.” Although Chief Minister Udaf Thackeray recently approved the proposal, the decision on the award was made a month ago. Through discussions with various organizations in the field, the award model is being finalized,” he said.