Camila Cabello misses her family’s journey as immigrants while visiting the U.S.-Mexico border

Singer Camila Cabello recently visited the US-Mexico border and talked about her “transformative” experience in a conversation with People magazine. The singer visited the border with the organization This Is About Humanity and visited the family of the Caritas immigration shelter in Tijuana to learn about their struggles. While chatting with the tabloid, Cabello recounted how this experience reminded her of her journey as the daughter of immigrant parents. Cabello said: “These parents have the same hopes and dreams for their children as their mothers had for me when we left Cuba.” The 24-year-old singer added: “Our story begins with the search for a better life. But time has created two completely different results.” If you don’t know, Cabello immigrated from Cuba with her mother Sinú when she was 6 years old. She also said that giving back to immigrants like her and understanding the complexity of the immigration system has always been important to her and her platform. (His father Alejandro also immigrated to the United States from Mexico). “We left everything behind and came to this country, with nothing in our pockets, except for the hope that our family would have a better life,” he said. “For me, respecting my family traditions and part of our journey as immigrants is finding ways to learn and support those who may have similar experiences.” When she reviewed her visits and experiences, Camilla told people, a transformation for me to spend time on our travels listening to these stories of families and children.