Biden says ‘NO’ to the changes in the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

John Biden, on August 10, said that there will be no change in his decision regarding the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Earlier, he ordered the withdrawal of U.S.troops from Afghanistan by September 11. The Pentagon says that about 90% of the troop has already been withdrawn from the war fronted country.
While addressing the press, Biden says that almost a trillion dollars have been spent for Afganistan so far and they have lost many during the war. Now it’s high time for the Afghan leaders to come together and fight against the terrorist activities of the Taliban. He further added that the withdrawal of their troop doesn’t mean that their commitment towards Afghanistan marks an end, it will continue further.
Earlier, White House press secretary Jen Psaki says that, the preside considered the made an assessment about his decision and decided to bring their men and women back to their homeland after 20 years.