Akshay Kumar’s bellbottom is all set to release on August 19

Akshay Kumar’s action film Bellbottom will hit the silver screen on August 19 in 3D. Recently the dynamic star shared the video of behind the scenes of the film in his social media account.
According to the video, he is undergoing hard training sessions for the stunt scenes. He is one of the stars in Bollywood who opts to play stunt scenes on his own without using a body double. In between the video he is saying that his wife Twinkle Khanna was also present in the set and he tries to impress her with his training even after 20 years of their marriage.
Bellbottom is based on real-life hijacking events in India during the 1980s. The film is directed by Ranjith Tiwari and produced by pooja and Emmy entertainments. Apart from Akshay Kumar, Vaani Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, Denzil Smith and Adil Hussain are also starring in this film.