After Raj Kundra, Sagarika Shona alleges she had been asked to work in a film for Vibhu Agarwal’s ULLU; app rubbishes claims

After Raj Kundra, Sagarika Shona claimed that she was invited to make a movie for Vibhu Agarwal ULLU; claims for spam apps Actress Sagarika Shona, who had previously publicly opposed the businessman Raj Kundra, is now using this weapon to train Vibhu Agarwal, the owner of the ULLU app. The actress claimed that she had had a very painful experience with the creator of the app and cited an incident that occurred in Panvel Studios in January 2020. This is what he had to say in the chat: What happened? The producer Harsh who worked with ULLU (I dont remember his full name) offered me a job and said that there will be some bold scenes, but the most I have to do is show my cleavage. I’m good about it, but he didn’t tell me the whole story. The filming location was in Panvel and I arrived early to many locations. When I entered the set, I saw two girls filming some lesbian scenes, in my opinion the actions they did in the scenes seemed completely fascinated. I was really scared and ran out, then I called that person and said I wouldn’t. I told them that they lied to me and that they were filming pornography.