Afghanistan Crisis: Didn’t Take Money, Couldn’t Even Change Shoes, Says Ashraf Ghani; Vows To Return Home

Ashraf Ghani, who was welcoming the UAE on Wednesday, posted his first Facebook message after Kabul fell and clarified a few things, including accusing Ghani of leaving Kabul with four cars and a helicopter full of cash . In the video message, Ghani said that these claims were unfounded because he was forced to leave to avoid bloodshed. He didn’t even have time to change his shoes and he wore sandals in the Presidential Palace on Sunday when he left Kabul.

“Do not believe whoever tells you that your president sold you out and fled for his own advantage and to save his own life,” he said adding, “These accusations are baseless… and I strongly reject them.””I was expelled from Afghanistan in such a way that I didn’t even get the chance to take my slippers off my feet and pull on my boots,” he said.