4.5 Lakh vehicles in blacklist due to Traffic violation

Thiruvananthapuram: The apathy of vehicle owners in paying fine for various traffic violation is a cause of concern for the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD). The department has not yet received a huge amount of Rs 52.30 crore through fines from car owners. MVD has blacklisted as many as 450,000 vehicles due to repeated violations and failure to pay fines on time. MVD stated that many car owners continue to violate traffic rules after being punished. Last week, a car owner was fined 36,500 rupees for causing an accident and escaping from the scene.

When the police checked the vehicle information, they found that the car owner did not even pay the previous fine. In 2020 alone, there were 22 car owners arrested for speeding. The MVD officer then called the owner and forced him to pay the fine. A large number of traffic violations have prevented MVD from taking action against car owners, and car owners still need to clear the huge arrears. MVD may continue to take back the lawsuit against you or send a notice to prove the reason to cancel the vehicle registration. It is with the emergence of the new “Vahan” software that vehicles that have repeatedly violated traffic regulations began to be blacklisted.

The intention behind this is to force car owners to pay fines on time. The lack of awareness of online payment by car owners is also a worrying issue. Vehicle owners usually receive instant messages about traffic violations on their mobile devices. However, many car owners have not updated their mobile phone numbers in their registration records. The new “Echellan” system allows MVD to fine car owners who fail to stop them on the road. There are accusations that car owners have abused this